Study Tours offer a unique opportunity to meet with innovative companies in the UK and globally. See the tools and resources that they use to drive their business forward. Find out first hand how they remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

What can you see?

We will show you excellence in action. We offer in-depth presentations from key staff and behind the scenes facility tours at a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

Six Sigma
Lean Manufacturing
Visual Management
Value Stream Mapping
Supply Chain Management

How long are the visits?

A standard programme in Europe is four nights away with three full days of tours. Longer haul destinations are usually a minimum of five nights, four days to make the trip worthwile and to include some free time.

How will it benefit you?

Study Tours have demonstrable success in encouraging the exchange and implementation of best practice. They provide ideas to stimulate innovation and improve productivity. Benchmarking provides a way to measure current performance and identify ways to improve processes. Visiting a number of companies across different sectors will give your staff the opportunity to see best practice in action and appreciate how the same techniques can be used in their own working environment. Professional facilitation on the tour ensures that ideas translate into actions on your return and the networking opportunities with other companies are outstanding.

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