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Founded in 1996 Webmart Ltd has experienced phenomenal growth and established itself as the leanest and most innovative print services agency in the UK. Product innovation, great staff initiatives and quality processes have ensured that Webmart has been recognised as a leading company by the growing number of international brands it serves.

Creativity and innovation

In this highly competitive sector, creativity and innovation are essential to ensure clients' requirements are fulfilled. By focusing on attracting the right people and developing leading-edge processes, hard-coded into software solutions, time and cost efficiencies have been vastly improved. Visitors will be able to share Webmart's secrets for improving understanding of their customer database and find out how they have changed the traditional operating model to achieve these cost and efficiency improvements.

Developing supply chain excellence

By providing additional services and systems, Webmart has been able to offer essential value-added services and business intelligence to many of its print suppliers across the UK and Europe. Find out how this has given Webmart the competitive edge when you participate in a visit to Webmart.

Marketing and CRM

All Webmart systems have been developed in-house, allowing real-time B.I. and management information to be shared live across each office. By sharing benefits with customers and suppliers they have been able to develop a market-leading product and defined a new market.

People development and training

Webmart believes in giving people the opportunity of a lifetime, combining a genuine passion for print with an equal commitment to personal added value (emotional, financial and intellectual). This determination has allowed them to recruit the best people and grow the opportunities for every individual within the company. Visitors will discover the SexiLife Scheme - the compaany's profit share with all employees. They will also see some of the quirkier innovations aimed to keep employees engaged, challenged and happy. A spin on the Webmart Wheel of Dreams anyone?

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Creativity and Innovation ... Developing Supply Chain Excellence ... Marketing & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)... People development and training

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Introduction and business model
Engaging: Intellectually, Emotionally
and Financially
Using Social Media and Networks for
Discussion and tour
Lunch, discussion and questionnaires