Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited

About the visit

The Toyota Manufacturing UK (TMUK) site at Deeside, North Wales, is a centre of excellence within the Toyota Group.

On this visit you will find out more about the engine that powers the new Auris Hybrid, as you will take a line-side look at the first Toyota factory outside of Japan to have the honour of building a hybrid vehicle engine.

The powerplant, which is integral to the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, is wholly produced at the North Wales facility. Raw aluminium is smelted and cast on-site, prior to machining, assembly and testing of the finished unit. The finished engines are then shipped to Toyotas Burnaston car plant in Derbyshire for installation.

TMUK Deeside operation opened in 1992, principally to supply engines to Burnaston, which began production the same year.

There are currently more than 500 people on site, working two shifts five days a week, building both the 1.8 engine for Auris Hybrid and Toyotas 1.6-litre Valvematic petrol engine. In 2009 the Deeside plant produced 130,247 units.

This visit will be delivered by the Toyota Lean Management Centre and will cover:

- Introduction to the Toyota Production System
and Toyota Way
- Problem solving methods
- How to develop line member skills
- Problem investigation and reporting
- Key metrics for maintenance
- Heijunka - Line balancing
- Standardised work
- Quality Visualisation

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

Toyota Production System ... Toyota Way ... Quality Circles ... Member Development & Skills Matrix ... TPM Maintenance & Major Breakdown Reporting ... Heijunka - Production Levelling ... Takt Time, Standard Work, Yamazumi, Jidoka ... Cabbage Patch (Visual management of Failures)

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Visit agenda

Arrival & Coffee
Site Tour & Presentations
Intro to Toyota Production System
Quality Circle Centre
Member Development Mapping/skills
Major Breakdown Reporting
Maintenance: Red Andon Management
Production Planning / Heijunka
Takt Time, Standard Work, Yamazumi, Jidoka
Cabbage Patch
Casting: What makes a good part
Toyota Lean Management Centre
Lunch & Networking
Questionnaires & Close