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ORMISTON WIRE LIMITED was founded in 1793 in the City of London and began by making spring wire for corsets and wigs in the days before rubber. The company is now based in Isleworth, West London where we manufacture specialised wires, braids and strands in many different metals. These are used within industries as diverse as special effects in the film industry to high specification wire used in the nuclear industry. We stock an extensive range of wires from stainless steel yacht rigging to surgical suture wire smaller than a human hair. We are still an independent family firm.

Now under the leadership of Mark Ormiston, the sixth generation of the family, the company still maintains the motto any kind of wire. All types of wire, ferrous and non-ferrous, can be supplied in all sizes and in any length, or can be processed, e.g. redrawn, braided, etc., according to specific instructions. With facilities for drawing, rolling, winding, rewinding, spooling, braiding, bunching and jacketing, the company supplies anything from, for example: a 1m length of exotic wire for a research institute; to 44,000 km of stainless steel wire rope for an Olympic rowing course; a 100m length of miniature non-rotating silver braid for surgical use; to polypropylene covered, Kevlar-cored strand, for low-voltage lighting.


Ormiston Wire has implemented a wide range of environmental initiatives that represent best practice for smaller businesses. Energy from renewable sources, the installation of efficiency measures and high rates of recycling not only benefit the environment but also has a positive effect on profitability. The company were recipients of the prestigious Queens Award for Sustainable Development in 2002.

Quality and environmental systems

Ormiston Wire uses well-established systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. On the visit Ormiston will explain how the systems work for them from a small business perspective, ensuring that standards are improved and staff motivated. Ormiston Wire was the first SME in the UK to install a large solar scheme.

Marketing on a small budget

Find out how Ormiston Wire regularly attracts new customers on a small budget, whilst still achieving a professional image that believes the size of the organisation.

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Introduction and history
Quality and environmental systems
Marketing on a small budget
Tour of factory and offices
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