Accelerating Project Delivery

About the visit

Focusing on delivering projects faster is the best way to reduce cost as project time accounts for over 70% of project cost.
We have designed a world class project delivery system for transforming the current state of most projects running late to 90% completing ahead of time and ultimately 50% faster.
A system that radically improves quality and safety simultaneously whist compressing time.

The LTL team use the most advanced tried and tested management and production philosophies, practices, tools and techniques from sports, manufacturing and health care. More importantly LTL has expertise in how to apply the right technique at the right time to achieve optimum outcome without over burdening the project teams.
The workshop will be delivered by Ali Mafi and Hamied Ghadimi, who have over 60 years of combined experience of project processes and systems in construction and oil and gas. Ali and Hamied will share how they have helped projects finish ahead of time with less resources and effort absorbing uncertainties including client changes. They will also demonstrate a system that does not limit itself to techniques such as Agile and Collaborative planning for delivering projects.   

Who should attend:

Directors and board members
Senior and operational management
Project and team leaders

Why attend:

- To learn about the built in 50% of time risk allowance saving opportunity.
- To understand the importance of systemic thinking in project environment.
- To appreciate that there are many tools and techniques and which should be applied when,
- To value the power of self-coordination and horizontal accountability.
- To recognise the need to shift from batching up work to One Piece Flow in order to achieve a radical transformation in performance.  

Costs & To Book:

- £345 plus VAT Per Person
- Host Price: £245 plus VAT Per Person
- 10% discount when booking 4 or more places

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

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Visit agenda

Arrival & Welcome
Exploring current reality
Intuition: Benefits & Pitfalls
Systemic View & Emergence Theory
Size of Opportunity & Focus
Practical Exercise
Designing for Uncertainty
Systems Thinking
Feedback & learning loop
Accountability for outcomes
Horizontal Accountability & Collective Wisdom
Ownership & Roles
Practical Exercise
Feedback & Close