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Agfa Graphics Leeds is at the forefront of the digital printing industry. At the Leeds plant they electrochemically process aluminium coils to make the substrate for lithographic printing plates. A multi-award-winning site they are committed to best practice and are externally certified to be compliant to four major internationally recognized standards: ISO 14001 for Environmental management, ISO 9001 for Quality management, OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety management, ISO 50001 for Energy Management. Agfa Graphics Leeds has also won several national UK awards for its environmental performance.

Resource efficiency - Sustainability

Agfa have a long track record of sustainable improvements in efficiency, saving millions of pounds per annum in production costs. The Leeds site is leading a worldwide programme within Agfa to improve sustainability and energy efficiency. The team will share a jargon free, simple approach to driving down waste of all sorts.

Integrated Management System

Using ISO standards as a best practice template for their management system along with some local simple IT systems innovation, has enabled Agfa to be effective and highly compliant. They will show how the integrated approach results in a best practice performance across a range of key topics with low overheads.

Safety Management - an alternative to 5S

Most CI programmes are advocated to start with a 5S programme. Their plant history did not take them down this path and they will present an alternative approach with Safety Management at its heart. They believe this is a more effective approach with easier to sustain employee engagement and therefore momentum than the traditional pathway.

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

Health & Safety... Integrated Management System ... ISO 14001 for Environmental management...ISO 9001 for Quality management...OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety management...ISO 50001 for Energy Management...Sustainability

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Visit agenda

Welcome and Introductions
Safety first, not 5S: Why Safety is the best foundation for Continuous Improvement (Carrot)
2016 Safety fine regime: You cannot afford NOT to be safe (Stick)
Lunch & Networking
Site Tour
Integrated Management System
What the CI Consultants don't tell you
Question & Answer Session