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Double H Nursery grows & supplies flowering houseplants to the major supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury and Tesco. They have been an accredited Investor in People since 1997 and this reflects their commitment to developing their staff at every level of the business.

Many of their team leaders have achieved NVQ level 3 in management and there is an ongoing training program to continually develop the team. They are committed to limiting the negative environmental impact of the business and to this end use predominantly biological methods for crop protection against pest and disease, rather than conventional methods. They have also effected a 20% reduction in gas use to heat our crops through a state of the art computer controlled system. Double H are in the
process of a Lean Transformation within the horticultural industry. This is being sustained by the empowerment of all its staff, by the use of a self driving suggestion scheme, and by giving people permission to fail. For it is better that people feel they can try things than not try at all.

Lean Manufacturing

We are in the process of Lean Transformation within the horticultural industry. Changing the thought process from - we work with dirt, so it will be dirty, to a culture of continuous and sustained improvement, and a sense of pride in the workplace.

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Lean Manufacturing ... 5S ... Kanban ... Kaizen ... TPM ... Visual Management ... Skills matrix ... Six monthly lean audit ... Suggestion board/scheme ... Investors in People ... Waste reduction ... Quality ... Environmental impacts ... Horticultural industry best practice


When: 29 September 2020

Where: New Milton, Hampshire


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