BMW Group Hams Hall

About the visit

The Hams Hall plant located just outside of Birmingham, in the UK, produces the latest generation of three and four cylinder petrol engines. Production also includes the machining of key engine components. First opened in 2001, more than 1,000 people work at the plant, including a number of apprentices, students and graduates.

The site manufactures seven days a week, and a finished engine leaves the production line every minute. More than 1.4 million components are machined at the plant each year.

Hams Hall plays a key role in BMW Group’s global production network, producing vehicles sold around the world, including MINI and the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.

Continuous Improvement and Lean at Hams Hall

The visit will cover how they use Value Stream Mapping to define and direct kaizen and improvement activities. They will also share some of the line-side improvements such as the use of Low Cost Intelligent Automation, visual management and cell layout improvements.

Employee engagement & Standard Work

Standard work and excellent visual management with the use of tools such as team boards and KATA coaching are fundamental to engaging the BMW team in the pursuit of Best Practice. During the visit you will see how the boards are used for information cascades and escalation.

Benchmarking & Gemba

During the visit you will be invited on two Gemba walks of the factory. During the first you will see the overall production process for the engine assembly and build. During the second Gemba you will see specific tools and techniques that BMW have used within it’s CI programme. You will also engage in some interactive feedback – a true Gemba walk!

Costs & To Book:

£345 plus VAT Per Person
Group Discounts for 3+ People
10% Discount for ICIPS
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Call: +44 (0) 2392 468978

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

Lean Manufacturing ... WCM ... Visual Management ... Employee Engagement ... KATA Coaching ... Team Boards ... Gemba Walk ... Benchmarking ... Low Cost Intelligent Automation (Karakuri Kaizen) ... Value Stream Mapping

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Visit agenda

Welcome & Introductions
About BMW Hams Hall
Gemba Walk CI, Lean, Kata, Team Boards
Employee Engagement & Projects
Gemba Walk VSM, Leader Standard Work
Benchmarking Audit
Workshop & Discussion
Close & Depart