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De La Rue provides governments and commercial organisations with the products and services that enable countries to trade, companies to sell, economies to grow and people to move securely around an ever-more connected world.   It does this in the form of banknotes, passports and secure product identifiers.

With a 200 year heritage, alongside an unrivalled commitment to innovation, De La Rue remains at the forefront of new developments in the delivery of security and integrity to the currency, identity document and product authentication sectors. De La Rue is a truly global business, with customers in our 140 markets, manufacturing locations across three continents, and over 3,150 employees in place and their products and services in use in every country around the world.
De La Rue operates and manages the  Bank of England site at Loughton for the print and production of the £5, £10, £20 & £50 UK Sterling banknotes. This long term strategic partnership covers every step of the banknote production process – from design to integration of security features and components through technical printing and to delivery of a finished high specification and complex note.

Visual Management & Process Flow
De La Rue have had to balance continuous flow with the introduction and replacement of all of their critical equipment. In the past 12 months they have completely changed the layout of their entire factory. De La Rue will share with visitors the key changes that have been made and how they have improved flow, visual management and controls in the new production process.
Early Equipment Management
With the introduction of new machinery across the site, De La Rue have developed an effective Early Equipment Management and deployment programme. They will share with visitors with practical examples from their recent experience.
Lean & Kata
Ensuring flexibility, reducing variability and error-proofing processes has been key to the success of the Continuous Improvement programme. They have used Kata as one of their key Lean tools to ensure a standardised approach to problem solving and improvement. They will share with visitors how Kata is used in day to day operations and how it can be applied in any environment.

Cost Per Person: £395 plus VAT
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Lean Manufacturing ... Advanced Manufacturing ... Kata ... Problem Solving ... Visual Management ... Strategy Deployment ... Process Flow ... Early Equipment Management & Maintenance ... Error Proofing ... Employee Engagement & Culture Change


When: 18 February 2020

Where: Loughton


Visit agenda

Arrival & Registration
Welcome & Introductions
Overview & Manufacturing at Loughton
Site Tour (Gemba) incl Process Control & Flow, Visual Management, New Equipment Introduciton, Strategy & Deployment, Communication Boards, Problem Solving
Workshop & Feedback Session
Close & Depart