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We deliver the UK's most successful company visit programme - Onsite Insights. We also deliver events, workshops, in-house training and study-tours.

About Onsite Insights - the National Visit Programme

Onsite Insights is a programme of visits to award-winning companies, where visitors get to see best practice in action. No theory, no text books, just what works and why, direct from organisations that have achieved success.

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De La Rue

Great Lean Strategy & Deployment - Focus on KATA Excellent Employee Engagement
24 May 2018

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Founded in 1919 Altro is a third generation family owned UK business specialising in the manufacture and supply of commercial flooring and wall cladding products.
When: March 21 2018 at 10.00

Where: Letchworth



The Vale Clydach Refinery located near Swansea in South Wales, is one of Europe’s largest nickel refineries, producing high purity nickel pellet and powder products for specialist applications such as high nickel alloys, batteries, nickel plating and automotive components.
When: March 27 2018 at 09.45am

Where: Clydach, Swansea


Lionel Hitchen

In 1965, Lionel Hitchen founded a business sourcing, creating, manufacturing and supplying the finest flavour ingredients.
When: April 12 2018 at 9.45 am

Where: Barton Stacey & Andover


Nissan Motor Manufacturing

Nissan Sunderland Plant has been the UK's biggest car manufacturer for the past 14 years, and the biggest car exporter for the last 12.
When: April 18 2018 at 9.00am

Where: Sunderland